Tell us about it. We can help you make it happen. You might already have an idea for a new product, a service or a sustainable upgrade of an existing solution, and we are here to help you explore if it is viable.  

On campus, we offer business development workshops, professional network, co-working office space and mentoring aimed at student entrepreneurs regardless of level of experience or field of study. 

Some students who have become entrepreneurs through our programs gives you here their best advice towards creating a startup -


You get hands-on entrepreneurial skills

In the AAU Startup Program, you will develop a set of hands-on entrepreneurial skills while working on your own business idea. The AAU Startup Program hosts different workshops that will provide you with tools for idea validation and business development. You will attend themed workshops, inspirational talks, events and one-on-one sessions with skilled business developers and experienced mentors.

If your business idea or startup is related to gaming and game development, we offer you and your team an office space and specialized business development guidance in AAU Game Hub.  


Add New Teammates and International Perspectives 

While exploring the potential of your startup, you may need new teammates from complementing academic fields to move your startup forward. We offer matchmaking with passionated and skilled students in Startup Dating. Join a Startup Dating Event or get introduced by setting up your startup’s profile here.

If you are looking for international perspectives on your business idea, you can apply for a 2-6 month internship in a European startup. Experienced host entrepreneurs in a variety of industries all over Europe offer up their hands-on entrepreneurial experiences and professional network to young entrepreneurs. You can sign up for Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs here.  


Get ECTS Points for Entrepreneurship 

Working on your business idea takes up a lot of your spare time. The good news is that you can get ECTS while working full time on your startup for one semester. Contact us about your options in the program Internship in your own startup

If you are not working with entrepreneurship yet, you can get a taste of entrepreneurship in one of our entrepreneurial workshops.

We are here to help you move forward with your startup. Contact us or visit us in the incubator closest to you for a friendly chat.

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