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About us

AAU Inkubator

Joining the AAU Startup Program gives you access to the AAU Inkubator, which is where everything takes place, where other startups meet and professional help is offered. There is more than one Inkubator at AAU. Visit the Inkubator website to learn more. Click here to read more.                                 


Business Developers

When you are part of the AAU Startup Program, you will eventually be assigned your own business developer who will help guide you through the process of starting your own business. The business developers are a team of experienced entrepreneurs available to startups at AAU.
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What we offer


The greatest asset for any start-up is networking. Networking grants access to tacit knowledge that can otherwise be difficult to obtain for a new business adventurer. At the inkubator, networking becomes natural and easy. Through our social and educational events, the network also extends beyond the inkubator.



Your start-up can be boosted by working with a mentor from a relevant industry or with relevant knowledge. You must however earn the right to gain a mentor. Please contact a SEA Business Developer and learn more. This service was launched on November 2017 and the mentor team consists of highly professional individuals with unique competences. Read about the mentors here!