What it is

Internship in your own startup is your chance to work full time on turning your idea into a business.

Did you come up with a great idea during your studies? And do you wonder if you can turn it into a business? Spend a semester finding out!

If you choose to do an internship in your own startup, we offer you a great office space in our shared office spaces (incubators) at AAU campuses. You will share the office space with other entrepreneurs and startups which makes it a great place to discuss ideas, learn from the experience of others, and expand your network. Furthermore, our business developer will provide you with the help, guidance and tools needed to develop your idea but you will be the one driving the development and execution. Last, but not least, you will get the opportunity to participate in a series of startup-related activities, where you will learn the basic elements of starting a business such as validation, pitching, business modelling, etc., to give you the best chances of success.

In short, Internship in your own startup gives you the time, circumstances and resources to help you and your business develop and grow. 

Everyone can apply for the program. All you need to join is an idea.

How to join


Internship in your own startup is offered each autumn semester in Aalborg, Esbjerg and Copenhagen. Applications for next semester are closed.

If you want to know more about your opportunities for an internship in an existing startup, contact Rasmus Hedegaard at rhe@adm.aau.dk or look for avalable startups at startupdating.dk.

What you get

  • An office space in our Flex Office together with many other students
  • A structured intro course, with a series of workshops, which gives you a solid intro to the entrepreneurial journey
  • A great influence over which subjects YOU want to know more about after the intro course
  • A spot in a team of interns in their own startup, who work with their own idea every day
  • A weekly sparring and guidance by experienced entrepreneurs and business people
  • An opportunity to expand your network through our mentor corps from companies in the region

What we expect from you

  • You offer yourself with the knowledge and experience you have from your studies
  • You contribute to the social enviroment and take part in the community
  • You participate actively and take responsibility for your own process and learning
  • You take advantage of the many opportunities you are presented with - and reach out if things are difficult
  • You work full-time on the tasks you identify and are asked in the course - just as you would in a regular internship


  • Practical experience for your CV just like a regular internship, but with a unique entrepreneurial twist
  • A chance to put your academic knowledge to the test in a business setting
  • An opportunity to be creative and innovative in a dynamic environment, where you define your own assignments
  • A series of startup related activities where you gain knowledge on entrepreneurial tools and learn the basics of starting a business
  • Valuable entrepreneurial and innovative skills that give you a unique professional profile and prepare you for the future job market – whether you choose to start your own business or not

Other options for ETCS giving courses in entrepreneurship

Aalborg University offers a wide range of curricular entrepreneurial courses and programs, focusing on connecting professionalism and entrepreneurship. Contact your own study program to hear more about your opportunities working with entrepreneurship. We have also listed a few of the widely available studies here. These courses will improve your entrepreneurial skills by working with exciting projects of your own choice. 

NB! These courses are curricular and not part of AAU Student Entrepreneurship.


Contact us

If you want to know more about your opportunities for an internship in your own startup, contact:

See the team behind Internship in own startup here.