Startup i Praksis


Do you have an idea from your studies?  And do you wonder if it could be turned into a business?  You can spend your 9th semester finding out!
If you choose to do an internship in your own business you will get practical experience like in a regular internship, but you will also put your academic knowledge to the test in a business setting.

During the internship you will have a chance to gain:

  • Valuable entrepreneurial and innovative skills together with other students also doing an internship in their own business.
  • An opportunity to be creative and innovative in a dynamic environment, where you define your own assignments.
  • Unique experience and knowledge that gives you a different professional profile and prepares you for the future job market – whether you end up starting your own business or not.

In addition, we offer you:

  • An office space in the AAU Incubator, where you sit with other AAU startups, as well as students doing the same internship as you.
  • Guidance from our business developers, and access to a large network of business people and entrepreneurs.
  • A series of startup-related workshops, where you are taught the basics of starting a company.


We have ongoing admission to the program, and a limited amount of students can participate.

Applications for Startup In Practice 2022
will open up in spring 2022


Next step?

Do you have any doubts, questions or just want a cup of coffee? Feel free to contact us:

Aalborg Campus

Copenhagen Campus

ESBJERG CAMPUS                                                

Rasmus Hedegaard
Phone: 20 81 22 23

Jacob Lundberg
Phone: 60 19 96 88

Heidi Nørgaard Jensen
Phone: 22 44 45 60




Meet participants from Startup I Praksis

Rasmus og Mads says about Startup i Praksis:

”It is amazing how well organized you can become in one month. Through Industrial Design we have learned methodology and gotten theoretical tools. Through our startup we have gotten a perspective on how what we have learned can be used in reality”.

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participants from 
Startup i Praksis


Whether the student chooses to take an internship in their own company or in another startup, the basis for the project-oriented course becomes the AAU Incubator.

AAU Incubator is a startup environment for students at AAU. In the Incubator you will find open workstations and many other students with a passion for startups and entrepreneurship. Here you can work on his startup idea and get guidance from our talented business developers, who are always just around the corner. The incubator is not only a meeting place for students with entrepreneurial dreams but also the focal point of general entrepreneurship activities at AAU.

Each year, the AAU Incubator organizes a series of workshops, events, programs and social events dedicated to providing even more students with the courage, knowledge and necessary skills to develop their business ideas and turn them into reality.

The Incubator can be found at the following locations:

  • Incubator Aalborg: Fibigerstræde 11, 9220 Aalborg Ø
  • Incubator AAU Copenhagen: A. C. Meyers Venge 15, 2450 Copenhagen
  • Incubator AAU Esbjerg: Niels Bohrs Vej 8, 6700 Esbjerg

You can learn more about the AAU Incubator here

Apply to Startup i Praksis

Do you want to apply to Startup i Praksis, read more and make your application here.


If you want to know more about your opportunities for an internship in a startup, contact Rasmus Hedegaard at