What it is

AAU Game Hub a is a community for students with a passion for games and game development.  The shared passion is the driving force of the community. Some participate in order to expand their network of game enthusiasts and to improve their skills. Others join the community with an idea for a new game or a startup looking for team members and peer-to-peer sparring. 

What other students say

In the video below Frederik and Alexandru, participants of AAU Game Hub, discuss their experience with the community.


What you get


In AAU Game Hub you can build a network of peers, improve your game development skills and explore your idea for a potential game studio - all at the same time. 

The community is a great place to present peers to your ideas for game projects. Or get involved in a game in the making by offering up your skills to a game project on your terms.  

Contact Jesper Sørensen in the AAU Game Hub team and find out about the ongoing game projects in AAU Game Hub. 

All AAU students, regardless of semester, bachelor or master program, are welcome to participate in the community activities. Most of the events take place in Aalborg and on occasion in the form of online workshops. See the list of events here!



If you dream of starting your own game studio, you can validate your ideas in this entrepreneurial community of peers and get valuable business development guidance. In workshops you are introduced to new innovation skills and methods for both basic startup development and tailored specifically to the gaming industry.  

Each aspiring game studio team can enroll for a specialized track of the AAU Startup Program

In the game development track of AAU Startup Program you get: 

  • Dedicated sparring on business development from the AAU Student Entrepreneurship team. 
  • Access to an office space on campus shared with other game studios for networking and peer-to-peer problem solving. 
  • Access to specialized mentors and student entrepreneurs within game development. 
  • Access to an international network of passionate and experienced game developers in Game Hub Denmark and Game Hub Scandinavia. 

Feel free to contact the AAU Game Hub team for details on the game track.  

You can sign up for the AAU Startup Program here. Enrollment opens three times a year. 

How to join the aau game hub activities

AAU Game Hub welcomes all students in our inspiring game development community.  

Our activities are based on the ideas of and carried out in close collaboration with members of the game development community in Northern Denmark. 

We host and co-host networking events, workshops and game development jams on a regular basis. You can keep track of upcoming events and news here.

Feel free to contact the AAU Game Hub team about your interests within game development. Visit us in the AAU Incubators on campus or give us a call to set up an informal meeting.