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If you are enrolled in The AAU Startup Program, you get access to a series of workshops where you gain knowledge on entrepreneurial tools and learn the basics of starting a business. The workshops will also provide you with valuable innovative skills that give you a unique professional profile and prepare you for the future job market - whether you choose to start your own business or not. Learn more about each workshop and what you get below.

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    Startup Program - Workshop 0

    What is Workshop 0?

    Workshop 0 of the Startup Programme is a kick-off social event workshop where each team in the programme and meet each other and share their idea.

    Workshop 0 is a crucial steppingstone for a good start in the programme as networking with peers is extremely important in any entrepreneurial adventure. Therefore, participation in the kick-off event is mandatory.


    The purpose is for the teams to get to know each other, as well as for individual teams to initate a process of commitment and cohesion within the teams themselves. Building trust and transparency is the foundations of creating an environment where it's natural to talk about challenges, successes, and fuck-ups.

    The following will cover what you would need to prepare for the workshop, what the workshop's objectives are, what you get out of it as startup, and any materials you wil lneed for the workshop.


    Prepare a 2-3 minute pitch where you:

    • Present the team
    • And te buisiness opportunity that you would like to explore as part of the Startup Programme

    Workshop Objectives

    • Insights into the idea you want to work with
    • To help understand the importance of being able to present your idea in plenary
    • Understanding the value of giving and receiving feedback
    • You start your journey and your own personal development
    • Confidentiality (remember that the things we are talking about in this room, stays in the room)

    What you Get

    • Feedback and the opportunity to uncover your blind spots in relation to your idea through questions from the other participants in the programme.
    • Tools and ideas for creating your best pitch. You will have a draft of your first (light version) elevator speech.
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    Startup Program - Workshop 1


    In workshop 1, we will work on how to convey the dream and the goal of your startup:

    • What is your vision?
    • What is your mission?
    • What is your motivation?
    • How can you best communicate the vision, mission, and motivation to stakeholders?

    During the workshop, we will work use various exercises to refine your presentation.


    The purpose is for you and your team to unify the startup around a vision and to be able to communicate it using storytelling.

    The following will cover what you would need to prepare for the workshop, what the workshop's objectives are, what you get out of it as startup, and any materials you wil lneed for the workshop.


    Before the workshop, you must review the TED Talk by Simon Sinek, who, among other things, deals with "The Golden Circle", the "why", "how", and "what" of your startup.

    You must prepare three "why's", "how's", and "what's" that best describe your startup or project. These are integral parts of your pitch.

    Link: Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action


    • You will become even sharper in developing your vision and mission - including working with a narrative that describes the idea and vision - so that it creates interest and questions from partners / co-founders / mentors / investors (What problems are you solving with your product / service?)
    • To help you understand the importance of working with multiple presentations - how to change position, depending on the target group.
    • You must work to be able to move horizontally and vertically within your "idea".
    • We continue to work with the understanding and insight into giving and receiving feedback. Including how to use feedback positively.


    • Have an opportunity to create a narrative that is comprehensive for your idea so that it can be explained even better?
    • Insight into blind angles on your idea, what do you take with you next.
    • New tools and ideas to hone your vision and mission - never ending story until the vision brings smiles to the lips of strangers
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    Startup Program - Workshop 2


    In workshop 2, we will follow-up on the goals of workshop 1 and talk about what happened since then - what were the successes and what were the failures, revisit your elevator pitch, and then dive into talking about the lean canvas.

    Lean canvas

    Workshop 2 will be an intro to the lean canvas, which you will have to present in workshop 3. The lean canvas will servce as a guide when describing your business idea both internally with team members, but also with potential customers.

    S.m.a.r.t. Goals

    In order to "make a business", you will have to establish goals that are feasible and attractive. During the workshop, you will do an exercise in order develop goals for an 3 to 6 months period. The goals servce two purposes:

    • For you to use as a guide and direction
    • And for us to follow-up on later, as you will have to send a copy of your formulated goals to us


    During this workshop, we will also focus on the challenges your are facing and help you figure out what kind of help you would need in order to further develop your startup. An example of actions you can take would be working with a business mentor or participating Startup Dating.


    At the workshop you, along with everyone else, will be tasked with finding a buddy who you can spar with for this and future workshops in regards to the challenges you're facing.


    Develop a lean canvas that can help you develop your startup and figure out your startup's shortcomings and major challenges, as well as providing you with a sparring's partner who can help you tackle some of the problems. You will also learn about S.M.A.R.T goals that can help you establish a roadmap for your startup.




    • Insight into how you become aware of how you have a chance to make the business profitable through Lean Canvas (there is more revenue in prospect than expense, and when does it happen?)
    • You become aware of whether you are clear-sighted enough to know the difference between knowing what the answer to a question is and guessing what the answer is
    • Insight: Why goal setting is important in a process where everything is important - and at the same time knowing that “the Devil lies in the detail”


    • Tools to plan your time and resources, to improve the chances that your business will both become something - and become something that can survive.
    • You select a Buddy from the participants on the team, you must collaborate / spar with when we do not hold workshops
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    Startup Program - Workshop 3


    Workshop 3 is all about the lean canvas where you and the rest of the other startups will present your lean canvas to each other in small groups and give and receive feedback. Helping out other startups is an important cornerstone in succeeding as an entrepreneur.

    Remember that anyone can fill out 9 boxes of the information, but the key is to get in-depth with how you want to innovate and develop your business idea. Before an idea can become a sustainable company, the idea must be translated into a business model - and the lean canvas is just that.



    This workshop will provide insight into business modeling and business development, so you understand that business development of your own company is a continuous and dynamic process – that you as an entrepreneur must master to ensure a competitive business model in the company.


    Look into how to create a lean canvas:


    • To help you understand the importance of a “business plan” - including work on replacing assumptions with feedback from the market.
    • To address each section in your business plan – insight: How you can balance a business plan and insight in why working with a business plan is a continuous process - Facts: Successful companies work according to a plan.


    • You will get the opportunity to pitch your business plan to an audience of likeminded people.
    • Insights into business planning, and feedback on your business plan.
    • Tools and a visual Canvas you can use, to pitch your business plan.
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    Startup Program - Workshop 4


    Workshop 3 is about validation with customers or users. Focusing on customers-first will allow you to increase the value of the good ideas to a greater extent and reduce the cost of focusing on the bad ones.


    Many entrepreneurs and businesses make the mistake of spending too many resources on their ideas and projects before getting feedback from the market and customers. This is a huge risk that can be reduced through the development of fast and cheap prototypes, which can be validated in relation to a specific target group.

    The method will form the basis for further work with your idea and business - on a validated basis.


    You will also get an intro to pitching, which is the focus of Workshop 5.

    We start a process where we assemble the many dreams/facts/discoveries/assumptions that have already been gathered in previous workshops. You will work with a proven template that you can use to your advantage. The goal is a focused 5-minute pitch for an Internal Panel of Business Developers at AAU to conclude Phase 1.


    This workshop help you validate your idea with real customers as well as being an intro to pitching.




    • Learn the importance of making prototypes, and to promote one's business idea.
    • A framework / insight into how you can be informed about whether there are customers for the business?
    • Learn to act in a cross-pressure, where you are put in a situation where you do not really know the answer - and at the same time positively accept the learning that lies in uncovering the blind spot in relation to your project.


    • Learn to ask questions and involve others in your idea.
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    Startup Program - Workshop 5


    Workshop 5 deals with pitching your business idea. You will get the chance to hear the pitch of one of our startups that has been pitching for the business panel as well as be able to ask them questions in a pitching-Q/A.

    We want to create an understanding that pitch training takes place continuously and must be practiced at all times. This workshop will pro-vide a documented template for pitching. Once the team has achieved a pitch routine, you can work with different models/ setup - perhaps to highlight the many stakeholders you work with. It is important to work with several pitch decks to match the different target groups.

    you will also be given an intro to business planning and how to keep a work/life-balance using project 


    This workshop will help you develop your pitchdeck and prepare you for the upcoming internal panel.


    You must prepare and bring the first pitch deck - you must present the deck to the other teams.

    Also, here are two project management systems to look into:


    • Feedback and the opportunity to uncover your blind spots in relation to your idea, via questions from the other participants in the team.
    • Insights into developing and working on a focused pitch, where the purpose is to move you to the next Phase of the Startup program.
    • Personal development, and insight into how to break your own boundaries.


    • You have learned to know yourself, as well as gained insight into how you work under pressure.
    • Tools and ideas to create your best Presentations going forward.
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    Startup Program - Workshop 6


    Workshop 6 starts by following up on what you have been doing from last time and then we work on refining the pitch towards the internal panel.

    After the team has pitched, you will receive feedback on the presentation, partly from the participants at the workshop but also from the facilitator. You should expect questions and you will get a good advice regarding your presentation. Focus points will be given for the purpose of improving your pitch for the upcoming Internal panel.

    Each team must complete a pre-pitch session in order to attend the internal pitch  


    This workshop will help you develop your pitchdeck and prepare you for the upcoming internal panel.


    You will have to have prepared a maximum 5-minute pitch that focus on the assessment criteria:

    • You need to explain and describe your business idea?
    • You must describe a Market Fit and describe how you have validated the idea or concept
    • You must present a realistic plan for Phase 2 of AAU´'s Startup program


    • Insights into developing and preparing a focused pitch, where the purpose is to advance to the next Phase in the Startup program
    • Personal development and insight, on how to receive feedback and work with your own boundaries
    • You have learned to know yourself, as well as gained insight - how you work under pressure


    • Tools and ideas for creating your best Pitch presentations - going forward
    • Your first pitch deck, that has been tested according to AAU´'s assessment criteria

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