Do you want to stand out from the crowd and increase your job potential?

If you are looking for ways to supplement your academic competencies with some practical skills 
for your CV, you should try out entrepreneurship – even if you are not aiming at a career as an entrepreneur. Join in our workshops and social events and see for yourself that there is a
lot more to entrepreneurship than you might think.


Get started on entrepreneurship in different ways 

We offer you several ways to get started on entrepreneurship. Most of our activities take place on campus in late afternoons or evenings, so they won’t collide with your classes. In our entrepreneurial workshops you are introduced to creative thinking and design process tools. In Startup Dating, you can introduce yourself to an existing AAU startup, who are looking for new team members with specific academic competencies. In the Startup Program, you can work on a business idea of your own or you can do an ECTS accredited project-oriented internship in a startup, even your own

The students in the video below, who have all participated in one or more of our programs, talk about what they have gained from bringing entrepreneurship into their studies.


Improve your academic profile with entrepreneurship 

You will not be on your own in these new entrepreneurial activities. Our dedicated business developers are great at guiding you to the best options for you. And what is more, you will find that all students in the entrepreneurial community at AAU encourage each other with competent feedback and professional input. 

If these options for improving your academic profile in a new way have made you curious, feel free to contacts us, drop by an incubator for a chat or attend our workshops and social events.

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