MotionCatch – about their start-up mentor: ”The best thing is that he knows the real world, and has helped us prepare for the market”

Introducing MotionCatch, a start-up taking part in the Innovative Growth program. MotionCatch have enjoyed working together with a mentor from the AAU start-up community.

Image by Keyvan Bamdel

(Image by Keyvan Bamdej,


Name of the start-up:



Short description:

MotionCatch is developing an innovative software that can detect and solve ergonomic challenges in particularly hard manual labour conditions. The team consists of two sports engineers.


What are some of the best things about working with a mentor?

Having a mentor from the AAU start-up community has been an invaluable asset for us. It has been so rewarding to be able to do sparring with our mentor Per, e.g. about our business model and go-to-market strategy.  Per has life-long experiences in such matters and we have never tried to develop a business before. He is also good at asking reflective questions, which often make us more aware of what we need to do. The best thing is that he knows the real world, and has helped us prepare for the market


Could you point to one or two specific pieces of advice that made a difference? Maybe changing the business operations, getting new customers, changing communications or similar?

One of the best advice we have been given, which however do need refreshing from time to time, is that we should be able to explain why we do what we do. And that goes with everything – the product, the value creation, the market and the price. It has helped us tremendously in many situations and has fundamentally made many things easier – both in pitching and sales situations.


What advice would you give a start-up wondering if they should get a mentor?

We highly recommend getting a mentor. First and foremost, this is free advice and access to knowledge. Mentors are chosen for their experiences and they can contribute with knowledge that the start-up might not have.


What advice would give a start-up who is getting into a relationship with a mentor? How do you make sure to get the most out of it?

Actually the program is structured so that you can wish for a specific mentor – so a good piece of advice is to check out the list of mentors on the website and try to make a prioritised list of the ones you think can provide the most value to your company.  Another great advice is to prepare ahead of time for mentor meetings, send agenda prior to a meeting, do proper summaries of meetings and also to provide coffee for meetings. Then things will surely work well.