MOTI – about their start-up mentor: ”Our mentor has been absolutely great at motivating us and bringing back some drive when it was lacking”.

Introducing the start-up MOTI, as part of the Innovative Growth program. MOTI have enjoyed working together with a mentor from the AAU start-up community.

MOTI - Image from Joakim J. Hvistendahl

(Image by Joakim J. Hvistendahl)


Name of the start-up:


Short description:

MOTI develops physiotherapy measuring equipment. The device measures motion in joints and the quality of the movement. Physiotherapists traditionally rely on eyesight when diagnosing patients’ mobility progress, but with MOTI measurements become more objective and give greater indicators of the progress. The team behind MOTI are industrial design engineers and three researchers, where two of these are physiotherapists.


What are some of the best things about working with a mentor?

The best thing is the pool of experience to draw from and the ability to navigate around potential pit falls. Our mentor has been absolutely great at motivating us and bringing back some drive when it was lacking, which can happen when dealing with administrative work and postponed deadlines.


Could you point to one or two specific pieces of advice that made a difference? Maybe changing the business operations, getting new customers, changing communications or similar?

Our mentor has been great in helping us plan the development process, including setting a heading and clearing out some development timing issues. He has also been absolutely crucial in putting just the right amount of pressure on one of our suppliers.


What advice would you give a start-up wondering if they should get a mentor?

Yes, get a mentor. Having this ”adult” with peak skills in areas where you might not be familiar, is really a boon to the company.


What advice would give a start-up who is getting into a relationship with a mentor? How do you make sure to get the most out of it?

The most important thing is to ask questions. If you do not ask questions you get no answers. So it is important to prepare properly for meetings in order to get something out of the mentor.