AAU Student Entrepreneurship is a subdivision of Aalborg University. We aim to make all students aware of their opportunities of engaging in entrepreneurship and acquire entrepreneurial skills while studying at Aalborg University. 

Whether you already have an idea for a business or simply wish to improve your academic competencies and future career opportunities, we are here to help. By joining our entrepreneurship activities, you can…

  • Practice your innovative abilities and get communicative skills that will improve your personal impact
  • Gain insight into all aspects of creating a new business and be part of a startup community, where people are ready to help you reach your dreams
  • Offer your academic competencies to an AAU startup and improve your professional profile

If you want insights into entrepreneurship and creative thinking through workshops, want to know about business development or seek to improve your pitch techniques, this is the right place to start. 

We offer both non-curricular and ECTS-providing programs for all students at AAU, all with the purpose of broadening your academic competencies in an entrepreneurial and practical context. Check them out  




If you want to add entrepreneurial skills to your academic profile, this is where you can get hands-on experience. From our activities you will gain new insights and valuable innovation  skills, which will make you even more attractive to future employers.  

You can partake in the variety of activities we offer regardless of your academic field and level of knowledge about entrepreneurship.

"I have learnt how to apply Design Thinking to business development. Working with two other members and founders of MotionCatch to develop a strategy also helped improve my critical thinking and teamwork skills, as well as how to solve problems with limited time and resources."

Silpa Barburajan




If you are curious about entrepreneurship but do not have a clue where to begin, who to talk to or whether you are even the entrepreneurial type, you have come to the right place.  

We offer different activities for you to engage in entrepreneurship, providing you with skills that can benefit you later on in your professional life.


”I did not have any doubts that I wanted to become an entrepreneur. It was just a question of finding out, which idea would be the right one to go on with.”. 

Mathis Rosenberg Sørensen



If you are all about moving forward and want to work with entrepreneurship and startups, this is the place for you.

Whether you have your own startup idea or not, and regardless of how much knowledge you have on the matter, we offer programs, workshops, guidance and much more to support you on your journey. 


“A professor said that 2% of the students participating in this study will someday start your own company. And I thought to myself, that sounds great but it is not going to be me. But then we had a great idea that we thought someone should carry out, and if you don’t do it yourself no one will.”.

Carina Lykke Svindborg




As a student, you can gain hands-on entrepreneurial skills whether you have ambitions of becoming an entrepreneur or want to add an entrepreneurial mindset to your academic competencies.

By joining our entrepreneurship activities,
you can

  • Practice your creative and innovative abilities on solving actual problems or designing alternative solutions.
  • Get communicative skills that will improve your professional presentation techniques and your personal impact.
  • Extend your network and improve your teamwork skills with students from other fields of study.
  • Gain insights into all aspects of establishing and developing a new business.

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