Container Village

Anders got involved with an already existing concept, which introduced him to the potential of used shipping containers. He ended up developing the concept further with Thomas and Tobias and they participated in the Innovative Growth Program. The program provided the time and guidance they needed to realize their concept and establish the startup Container Village – which you can read more about by clicking here.


The team of HOP did not all have ambitions of becoming entrepreneurs, but their motivation for improving the wellbeing of the independent elementary school student, drove them to the establishment of their own startup; HOP. Together the team has gone through a personal development from being a student to becoming an entrepreneur. They have participated in multiple events at SEA, which have provided support in a safe environment. You can read more about, how they got the courage to become entrepreneurs by clicking here.


Rasmus Mortensen, co-founder of Lyras, participated in the Startup Program, where he developed an invention derived of his candidate thesis at environmental technology at AAU. Back then he wasn’t sure that it would be possible realizing the invention and now he is about to launch in Asia – which you can read about here.

REDO Neurosystems

The team behind REDO Neurosystems were brought together with the purpose of developing and facilitating knowledge and research into a business-oriented perspective. Their concept derives from years of research at Aalborg University, which they developed during their participation in the Innovative Growth Program - you can read more about REDO NEUROSYSTEMS by clicking here.

Storm Design Studio

The product and concept of Storm Design Studio, were designed and developed as part of Emma, Aske and Troels’ bachelor project. They are now studying Industrial Design at their 9th semester, where they participates in the Startup in Practice Program and are doing an internship in their own startup. If you want to read more about the team, and how you can improve your competences and employability by working in your own startup – Click here.

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