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Entrepreneurship is an area of great strategic importance at Aalborg University, with a clear goal of increasing entrepreneurship activities and creating a university where more students and staff test their entrepreneurial potential.

SEA is the AAU central entrepreneurship unit and we develop and run a range of activities related to innovation, entrepreneurship and the development of startups. Our primary target groups are students and graduates, but we also have extensive collaboration with researchers and study programs across the university. Our entrepreneurship team collaborates with students on business development, we develop and run the AAU Inkubator and co-working spaces for student entrepreneurs. We facilitate collaboration between entrepreneurs, companies, mentors and investors, and we have a range of activities related to entrepreneurship education. SEA is responsible for a number of tasks and dissemination activities across the entire university, and SEA is a driving force in a number of strategically prioritized areas. SEA works in an international environment, in collaboration with internal as well as external partners.



At SEA, we are always looking for talented students for project collaboration, as your ideas, talents and drive could help us become even better at supporting entrepreneurship at AAU!  If you have a project idea that you think could be of interest to SEA, then we are very eager to hear your pitch! But, before you shoot us an email, please check out our expectations below.


expectations to your application

  • Working project title.
  • Short project relevance description, i.e. why is your project relevant?
  • Working research statement, question, hypothesis and/or a short problem background description.
  • Initial assessment of what may be needed from SEA to make you project a reality.
  • Dates for collaboration initiation and end.
  • Please also include; names and AAU study number of all group members, faculty and semester for collaboration.

The above should be no more than one A4 page, preferably sent in word or pdf.



To apply for project collaboration, please send an email with the above information to with the subject “Student Project Collaboration”. 


If you are thinking about a collaboration with SEA, then this section might interest you. Here you´ll find former student projects, written in cooperation with SEA. 







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