About SEA


Since 2003, we have brought together inventors, creatives and enterprising people from a wide range of academic disciplines, united behind a shared passion for entrepreneurship.

Our mission is to connect AAU students, researchers and graduates to both solo and collaborative entrepreneurship through education, training, and management, with the explicit goal of boosting innovation, creativity and startup activities across AAU. 

Each semester, we provide educational opportunities through guest speakers, workshops, and several different programs aimed at increasing startup skills and competences across AAU. In addition to consultancy work, we also host a variety of social, networking and career events.


SEA has since 2003 laid the foundation of entrepreneurship at Aalborg University. Our mission is to support, facilitate and motivate startups aimed at developing students’ knowledge, startup skills and increase their potential when becoming successful entrepreneurs. SEA has a central role in Aalborg University’s strategy to bring more knowledge to the world. SEA’s programs and courses offers something for everyone regardless of academic background and knowledge about entrepreneurship. We are hard at work and ready to help our entrepreneurial talents developing their ideas.


In participation with AAU’s different departments and regional business partners, we uncover entrepreneurships as a viable carrier. With office spaces, inspiring events and startup pitches from local startup teams, we will be present at the many studies at AAU.

Develpment through knowledge

This is for you who are a researcher, instructor or other part of AAU’s study board with a particular interest for promoting entrepreneurship in your own study program or around the university. In close collaboration with you, we will help developing electives, courses and study programs focusing on entrepreneurship both locally and across disciplines.


If you are interested in innovation and entrepreneurship, and would like to learn more, we offer free workshops in the afternoon. Here, it is possible for both students and employees to grow their skills within idea development, validation, business development, pitching and project management. You will also engage with others who are interested in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Startup Supervision and accelleration

Our door is always open, should you have an idea for a startup. We offer startup supervision and help students transform their projects into businesses. If you are ready to take your idea to the next level, we offer acceleration programs where you get access to great coaching, help with assembling a team, an office in our Inkubator, professional advisors, startup mentors and business partners outside of AAU. We also help with soft funding. 

About us

AAU Inkubator

Joining the AAU Startup Program gives you access to the AAU Inkubator, which is where everything takes place, where other startups meet and professional help is offered. There is more than one Inkubator at AAU. Visit the Inkubator website to learn more. Click here to read more.                                 


Business Developers

When you are part of the AAU Startup Program, you will eventually be assigned your own business developer who will help guide you through the process of starting your own business. The business developers are a team of experienced entrepreneurs available to startups at AAU.
Meet our business developers here!

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